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Unlock the seamless sourcing and production experience for your brand.
Get a quote in 48 hours, monitor manufacturing progress in real time, high quality product finish, and fast shipment. Work with us now to champion your supply chain!
Access to a large network of over 300 manufacturers in the region.
Flexible MOQ, minimal inventory risk.
End-to-end supply chain management.
We are with you at every stage of the production process.
All the support you need to start, run, and manage your fashion supply chain is available on a single platform.
Step 1
Design product
Begin with your own design or choose from hundreds of our designs based on current customer demand.
Explore our design catalog
Reduce the time of your design process significantly. Each of our designs includes a ready-to-use techpack and a physical sample.
Submit your design
Have a design and technical drawing ready?
Step 2
Get quote from right manufacturers
We make it easy for you to find suppliers by just submitting your requirements to us, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.
Step 3
Sample development
Once the quotation is confirmed, we will start working on the sample for you. It is crucial to complete the sample correctly before proceeding to bulk production.
Step 4
Start bulk production
When you proceed bulk production with us, you can track every stage of the process using our production dashboard. We provide real-time tracking and instant communication to ensure that your project is completed on schedule with excellent quality. We also support you with every stage of the process, from fabric selection to sourcing to packaging.
Step 5
Quality control & Final inspection
We guarantee product quality in accordance with your standards and expectations. Daily planning and monitoring ensures progress. Our platform allows you to view every stage of the production process in real time.
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Inflow is the one-stop-shop platform enabling scalable production for global brands.
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